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Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

At Total Catering Solutions Recruitment we have a relatively small permeant team in our offices, however due to the size of our temporary work force we have an obligation to report the Gender Pay Gap.

We welcome the opportunity to share this information as it will help us have more meaningful conversations with our people and our customers about equality.

We have an overall mean gender pay gap of 8.0% when including all of our permanent and temporary workers which is below the national average.
Our medium average is 0%.

We are a catering and hospitality specific recruiter with the highest paid roles being chef related. We are finding this is still a male dominated profession with only 18.9% of our current chef brigade being female.

Although our pay structure equally rewards men and women performing the same roles, women are under-represented in senior management. You will see this highlighted in our bonus pay reporting.

Our Results
What is the "Mean" Gender Pay Gap?

This is the difference in the average hourly rates of pay for men and women. It adds up all the hourly rates of pay for men and all the hourly rates of pay for women and divides each by the number of men or women in scope. It then looks at the difference. A positive number represents a gap in favour of males, where a negative represents a gap in favour of females. 0% means males and females are paid equal in this regard.


Mean Average Pay Gap

Median Average Pay Gap




Mean Bonus Pay Gender Gap

Median Bonus Pay Gender Gap




Proportion of Males and Females Receiving Bonus Payments




Proportion of Male and Female Employees in each Quartile Band


Our Commitment

We will look to address this gender pay gap by focusing on two main areas;

1. Continuing to ensure we are recruiting a diverse mix of candidates, by:

  • Ensuring our jobs adverts have gender-neutral language and are advertised as flexible by default,
  • Reviewing the current channels we recruit through and considering more non-traditional sources,
  • We will continually actively encourage people from all groups to apply.

2. Continuing to evaluate pay, reward and promotion:

  • We will ensure staff are being remunerated fairly, and people are being promoted to senior management positions purely on a performance basis. We will ensure our pay and bonuses structures are underpinned by job evaluation and performance.

We are committed to equal opportunities and will take action against instances of discrimination. We will continue to strive for a diverse work force and equality in the work place.